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Knights Templar
Gathering of the Temple


Many of the services and ministries we engage in for enrichment are also done online. This enables everyone, no matter where you live, to have quick access to information and to their fellow members.

Zoom has proven to be a very easy to use utility that has gained in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Used by businesses throughout the world, it’s also available to the general public free of charge.

Each week, a Gathering of the  Temple discussion is held on line using Zoom. This software allows computer users to speak on a chat channel with fellow computer users, much like a telephone conference call. We encourage all Brothers and Sisters to attend if at all possible.

Each week we have a new guest speaker who will share experiences of their walk with our Lord, discuss scripture and other topics of great interest. It’s an excellent opportunity to “plug in” and take advantage of the life experiences and wisdom of others who love our Lord.


Each Gathering of the Temple is approximately one hour in duration. The guest speaker shares his or her story for approximately 20 minutes and the balance of the hour consists of an open session with Q&A. It’s an excellent way to experience fellowship with your Brothers & Sisters and add value to the lives of everyone.

Round Table

Recommended Reading


To more fully understand what it means to be a Templar, we highly recommend the following publications which are available from Amazon.

Not only will you become very well versed on Templar history, but several of these publications provide amazing insight and motivational dialogue on exactly what our Lord and Savior expects from every one of us. You won't be disappointed!

          by                                       by                                             by                                          by              S. Kendrick                      Priscilla Shirer                          Robert Lewis                  Daniel A.  Biddle


            by                                      by                                            by                                         by
Regine Pernoud                   Kyle Idleman                         Rick Kasparek                      Michael Haag

Survival and Welfare Operation for Readiness in Disaster


Scripture reminds us that the purpose of Preparedness is not for selfish goals, but that we may be a blessing to our families, our communities and to others in times of hardship, emergency or natural disaster. Fr Ray Spreier heads up this readiness group for the Order.

Templar Men's Bible Study

A group for men wanting a closer understanding of the WORD. This is held the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:00am eastern. Contact +DNC Chris DeLong if you have questions.

Child Trafficking Prevention
and Awareness Ministry


A national initiative that is dedicated to creating awareness of this serious problem in our country and worldwide.

We focus on schools and entire communities throughout our country.


Shield Maidens Ladies group:

Prior Donna Graves 

A ladies-only group for those who have the heart of a Templar and wish to share their love of God with each other and our guests. Women Templars serving the Lord as a member of the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem, GPMTJ USA by praising God, uplifting others, and planting seeds we bring honor and glory to Him.


Chaplain Corps

Ordained Ministers may apply to join our team of amazing Chaplains who minister to our ever-growing community. 

Fellowship or Movie Night

3rd Friday of every month from 9:00-10:00pm Eastern Time. Join us as we watch a Movie and enjoy the company of Templars! When not watching a movie, these nights are spent fellowshipping and discussing the topic of the day.

Game Knight

3rd Sunday of every month at 8:30-9:30pm Eastern Time. Come and enjoy fun and laughter with our Templar family! Do you like games? So does Chaplain Chris! He will have you rolling and smiling! Join us for this lighthearted night of fun. Contact Deputy National Chaplain Chris DeLong

Kingdom Warrior Bible study

Hosted by the Priory of St. Helena and led by National Chaplain Sir Steven Graves! We study God's Word to strengthen each other in Godly living in a godless society. Time: 7:30pm CT (8:30pm ET; 5:30pm PT) 5:30 AM - Pakistan; 1:30 AM - UK; 2:30 AM - Spain


Our Goal

As a member, you have many opportunities to engage in a variety of ministries in our Order. We encourage active involvement to enhance your personal experience as you add value to the lives of others. 

We want you to make us a part of your life, but one in which that is in balance with all the other parts of your life. We want you to be an excellent parent, spouse, employee, church member. We do not want you to take anything away from those areas of your life.


The expectations placed upon you can easily be met with only a minimal sacrifice of time. Yes, it will still be a sacrifice. We never seem to have the time for new things, but we must make time in our Order to help others. 

There is great reward to all the things we do as Templars. It's truly a blessing when we take the opportunity to be there for someone when they really need you or touching the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. There is a wonderful feeling that goes along with getting involved. These will not be wasted moments! They are moments you invest into a great return!

• Open Bible Talk
• Mission to Activate Hope - PTSD

• Grandpa & Nana Templar

• Bible Book Club
• KTGPA Music Ministry

• Prayer Meeting

• Bereavement Group

• Templar Training Academy

• Templar Net

• Templar Graphics

• Templar Talk Radio

• Recruiting & Retention

• Priory Meetings

• Buddy Check

• Roll Call

• Prayer Circle

• Investiture

• Conclave

• Order Postings

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