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Knights of Christ
24 Virtues of a Templar Knight

When virtues are practiced, relationships flourish. The 24 virtues of a Templar are those that remind us of the expectations that our Lord has placed before us. Living your life exhibiting these behavioral traits not only enriches the lives of others, but it also gives glory and honor to our Lord.

GODLINESS – Imitating God in your everyday life.

   Fleeing sin and pursuing righteousness.

FAITH – Trusting in God and His purpose. Seeking

  God with all your heart knowing that He is always

  there for you.

HOPE – Knowing that God will provide for our

   needs if we hope in Him to make the answers in

   life clear to us.

LOVE – A state of kindness, compassion, humility,     patience and intense caring for one another.

JUSTICE – To act justly by doing what is right and

   pleasing to God. Being fair and square with others.

PRUDENCE – The ability to govern and discipline

   oneself by the use of reason – making good



TEMPERANCE – To be moderate with actions,

   thoughts and deeds.  To exhibit restraint and

   avoid excess.

STRENGTH – The spirit and conviction to live a life

   that is true to God based on His divine and

   sanctifying grace.

HUMILITY – To humble ourselves and yield 

   completely to the hand of God being free of pride

   and arrogance.

PERSEVERANCE – To be patient and committed to

   pursue something until it has been completed.


HONOR – To serve and live only for God with the

   highest of respect and esteem - through your


CHARITY – Unlimited kindness and love toward all

   others. Giving of your time, talent and treasures.



SACRIFICE – To deny oneself by relinquishing

   something to the favor of God.

COMPASSION – The feeling of sympathy and

   sorrow for the unfortunate with a strong desire to

   alleviate suffering. 

LOYALTY – Faithful dedication and loyalty to God

   with an unwavering commitment. 

TRUTH – The honest acceptance of fact and being

   sincere and candid with others regarding those


 • PURITY – To be free from anything that taints or

   impairs goodness. To be free from life-impairing


GALLANTRY – Unbridled courage and bravery

   knowing that God has provided everything needed

   to be successful. 

HOSPITALITY – Ignoring convenience and going

   out of your way to help and serve others.

 • COURTESY – Behavior that is gentle, polite, well-

    mannered and considerate of others. 

GRATITUDE – Being grateful and thankful for all

   the blessings in life that are gifts from God. 


GRACE & MERCY - The humble acceptance and

   giving of something that is either undeserved or

   rightly deserved. 

MENTORSHIP – Providing wise and influential

   counsel to others through the exchange of ideas

   and advice. 


OVERCOMING FAILURE – Perseverance over

   difficult and challenging aspects of life.

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