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Cookout for Veterans
Shopping for food for a food pantry
Volunteering for a soup kitchen
Replenishing a local community center.

  Bringing Cheer to nursing
home residents.




 Saying thank you to our
Veterans With a Cookout.



Shopping and supplying food
to a local Food Pantry

Volunteering at a local soup kitchen

Replenishing a local community center.


Making home repairs

Doing home repairs for the needy


Our History, Our Tradition

and Our Heritage continues today…


Since the founding of our Order, the Knights Templar have been dedicated to protecting and helping all people throughout the world. Our initial purpose was to protect those making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but trough all of history and time, we have evolved into a modern day Order that focuses of these virtues. 

The Guiding Lights of our Order

• Faith           • Hope           • Love           • Charity

We spread the light of Christ in a dark world - As Christians we are all called upon to spread the Good Word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He came to free our souls and provide a path for eternal happiness in Heaven. Through His sacrifice, we share this good news with people throughout the world seeking to make known His promise and love for us all. 

Perform acts of charity for those in need - Christ expects us to look upon all with love and care and to help in any way that we can. We all are entrusted with many gifts from God - the gift of Time, the gift of Talent and the gift of Treasure. We all possess these gifts in varying degrees and what we do with them, determines whether or not we are carrying out God's will.

The time that we have on this earth is truly a gift. We are expected to use that time in a way that is pleasing to God. Time is said to be a fleeting part of life and we must stop to reflect on what we do in that time that we have.


The gift of Talent is something that everyone has. We don't all have the same talents, but those that we do have are given to us with the expectation of using them to help others in need. Whether it's using our knowledge to enlighten others or utilizing special abilities to ease the strife in someone's life, our talents are unique gifts that can make a difference in the lives of others.


The treasures that we possess are to be shared with the less fortunate. When we give and share our treasures, we give honor and glory to God who looks upon all with love and compassion. The spirit of giving manifests itself into that same love and caring for our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Perform corporal and spiritual works of  mercy - Both the body and the soul need to be fed and nourished and guided to peace and happiness. The mercy that we show unto others is showing God's love and mercy for us. We are an extension of that love and kindness when we help others.

Support brothers & sisters in spiritual growth - As individuals, we can do much, but as a society, we can do so much more. We encourage brotherly love and support for one another to aid in growing and sustaining our Order. We grow in mind and spirit when we support each other.  

Care for our fellow man as Christ taught us - Christ was very clear on what's expected of us. He taught us how we should love each other and what we need to do to inherit life eternal. His teachings are the cornerstone of how to live life and please God.

Spread ecumenical faith throughout the world - We strive to make a difference among all peoples, all cultures and all governments through respect and appreciation. We seek the betterment of humanity through education, world brotherhood, chivalric principles and civil behavior and love for one another

Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ


Our Lord and Savior
taught us how to live.

It is with His divine guidance that we
strive to do His will among all mankind.



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fortunate and in need of basic humanitary items?

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