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World Map

L'Ordre du Temple de Jerusalem

The Order of the Temple of Jerusalem

Our International Organization

Our Order is international, consisting of 43 countries governed by Grand Priories throughout the world. A Priory is a group of men and women under religious vows that is headed by a Prior. In addition to the Grand Priory of America, Priories are located in the following countries:

     Armenia               Austria                  Belgium                Bosnia/Herz.           Brazil                  Britain                   

     Bulgaria               Canada                 Colombia               Costa Rica              Croatia                Cyprus               

     Ecuador               French Guiana        Estonia                 France                    Georgia               Germany            

     Greece                 Hong Kong            Indonesia              Ireland                   Israel                  Italy                   

     Luxembourg         Malaysia                Mexico                  Monaco                  Netherlands         Norway             


     Pakistan               Peru                      Philippines            Poland                    Portugal              Puerto Rico         

     Romania              Serbia                   Slovenia                South Africa            Spain                  Switzerland         


Structure of Knights Templar
Grand Priory of America

Throughout the U.S., a series of Priories and Commanderies serve as the focal point for our membership. A Commandery is a free standing group of members who have aligned together based on geographical preferences.

A priory is much like a commandery, but it serves as a focal point for multiple commanderies. As commanderies experience strong growth, it may be reclassified as a Master Commandery until such time as it reaches a certain population level. Once that occurs, it will likely become a priory on its own.

As membership grows, our goal is to eventually have a priory in each of our 50 states. At this time, priories, Commanderies and Master Commanderies meet within their geography for regular Investiture services, charitable events and fellowship. 

We also gather online every week on Thursday evenings for our National Roundtable which is conducted via Zoom. We always have a guest speaker who can be a brother or sister from one of our priories or from another country. The Roundtable is always interesting, motivational and enriching. Time is allotted for an open forum as well. It's a great opportunity to fellowship with other members. 

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