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Leadership - from our founding to the present day...

L'Ordre du Temple de Jerusalem

The Order of the Temple of Jerusalem

Elected Succession of Grand Masters

1118-1136  Hugues de Payens
1136-1149  Robert de Craon
1149-1152  Everard des Barres
1152-1153  Bernard de Tremalai
1153-1156  Andrew de Montbard
1156-1169  Bertrand de Blanchefort
1169-1171  Philip de Naplous
1171-1179  Odon de St. Amand
1180-1184  Amaud de Toroge
1185-1189  Gerard de Ridefort
1191-1193  Robert de Sable
1194-1200  Gilbert Erail
1201-1209  Philippe de le Plessis
1210-1219  Guillaume de Chartres
1219-1232  Pierre de Montaigue
1232-1244  Armand de Perigord
1244-1247  Richard de Bures
1247-1250  Guillaume de Sonnac
1250-1256  Renaud de Vichiers
1256-1273  Thomas Berard
1273-1291  Guillaume de Beaujeau
1291-1293  Thibaud Gaudin
1294-1314  Jacques de Molay

Restoration of the Ordre du Temple
1705-1724  Phillippe, Duc d’Orleans
1724-1737  Louis Augustus Bourbon
1737-1741  Louis Henri Bourbon Conde
1741-1776  Louis-Francois Boubon Conti
1776-1792  Louis-Hercule Timoleon,

Duc de Cosse Brissac
1792-1804  Claude-Mathieu Radix de Chavillon
1804-1839  Bernard Fabre-Palaprat
1839-1840  Sir William Smith
1840-1850  Edward VII. d’Angleterre
et George V. de Hanovre
1850  Narcisse Valleray (Regent)
1866  A.G.M. Vernois (Regent)
1892  Joséphin Péladan (Regent)
1894  Secretariat International des Templiers
1934  Conseil de Regence – Joseph Vandenberg
1935  Theodore Covias (Regent)
1935-1942  Emile Isaac (Vandenberg) (Regent)

1942-1960  Dom Antonio de Sousa Fontes 
1960-1970  Fernando de Sousa Fontes (Regent)

Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem (OSMTJ)

1970-1989  General Antoine Zdrowjewski
1989-1994  Georges Lamirand
1994-2021 Dr. Nicolas Haimovici Hastier (Regent)

2021-present Grand Master Brigadier General (ret.) Ronald S. Mangum, PhD, JD


Grand Master Mangum

Important Note

There are many organizations throughout the world that bear the name Knights Templar. As for fact, there are over 1,000 of them. Many of them have simply adopted the name and positioned themselves as Templars.


While they may follow many of the traditions and practices of our founders, they are not part of the original Templars.

They are comprised of schisms and others simply wanting to create their own organization and enjoy the notoriety and prestige of being Templars.

Due to the many years of an underground existence, there is no organization that can claim to be direct descendants of the original order.

We are spiritual heirs of the original Templars and are a part of the Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. Our lineage flows back to our founding in 1118 A.D. as you can see with the succession of leaders above.

It’s important that you carefully and prayerfully consider the actual history of the organization you want to join. Do the research for the truth to separate all of the false and misleading claims from actual facts.

If you're still confused and unsure of what membership to pursue, we suggest that you simply pray for discernment.

Our Lord will always show you the way.

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