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Interested in Becoming a Knight?

There are many advantages of membership.

Among the most rewarding are:

• You will be able to deepen your faith and improve
the quality of your walk with our Lord.

•  You will be helping others in need as you engage in
charitable acts performed by your group.

•  You will experience outstanding fellowship with your brothers and
sisters in Christ 
and share the values that unite us together.

•  You’ll be spreading the Good News and the Word of our Lord.

•  You will become part of an Order with a strong heritage and
tradition that 
exemplifies the true spirit of what it means to be a Christian.

Requirements to become a Knight


•  Having turned 18 years of age. Applicants less than 18 may
join as a Squire if a family member is a member of our Order.

•  Being a Professing and practical Christian.

•  Having the integrity, virtues and the willingness 
to prepare and become a true Knight or Dame.

•  Not having a felony criminal conviction.

•  Having the ability  to understand the spirit of our 
meetings and the work we carry out there.

•  Understanding the laws of the Order and having 
stated a commitment to respect and obey them.

                                                              Cost of Membership

Unlike other Templar-like organizations that charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to join, our

membership fees are very minimal. 

There is an initial donation required of $100.00. This covers all of your expenses as you progress through
the ranks from Companion At Arms up to and including your Investiture into Knighthood. That includes
your training in our on line Templar Academy and the neck cross that you will receive at Investiture.


An annual donation of $50.00 is also due on June 1st of each year.

NOTE: Upon receipt of your application, a formal background check will take place.

If approved, vetting will begin with your Prior to determine ultimate fit in our Order.

This process can take up to 3 weeks.

Knight sword
Application for Membership

Thanks for submitting your Application.You'll hear from us very soon.

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